Loyalty Card

Earn cash while you spend. It’s as easy as this! Follow the simple steps below and start earning!

Store & More Loyalty Card
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Register for ‘the really useful rewards card’, become a member and start shopping!


Earn 2.5% cashback on every purchase (excluding products already on promotion)

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Earn accumulating cash-back rewards every time you shop at one of our many stores!


Be the first to know about promotions and new stock arrivals.

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Redeem your rewards by using your card to pay for purchases you make at any Store&More branch.


Receive ‘member only’ discounts on selected items as well as exclusive cashback offers!


Collect your rewards card!

Simply ask for a Rewards Card at the till-point of any Store & More outlet, the cashier will scan your new card, and you will earn Cashback Rewards right away! There is no need to register before you start earning.

Earn cashback rewards!

Rewards Card members earn 2.5% cashback on all purchases, excluding already-discounted promotional items. In addition, certain promotions and discounts are available exclusively to Rewards Card members.

Register your rewards card!

You will need to register your card in order to receive notifications of our current promotions, and special offers to redeem Cashback Rewards. The registration process is extremely quick and can be accessed via this link...

Redeem cashback rewards!

Cashback Rewards previously earned can be utilised to pay for future purchases, in whole or in part.


How long does the registration process take?
⚬ 1-2 minutes, via this link...
What information do you need from me to register?
⚬ Name, gender, birth date and cell phone number.
Is there an App?
⚬ Yes, download the “Infinity Rewards Card” App to view your Cashback Rewards balance and transaction history.
How long will it take for my cashback to reflect?
⚬ Usually within 10 minutes, but can take up to 48 hours.
How do I use my cashback?
⚬ You use your cashback to pay for future shopping, this is called redeeming. You may redeem on any product for any amount, given that you have cashback available.
Can I use someone elses Store & More card?
⚬ Absolutely, as long as it is with their permission!
When does my cashback expire?
⚬ Cashback Rewards may expire after 3 years of the original transaction or if there is no activity on the card for 12 months.
What do I do if I left my card at home?
⚬ You will need to present a physical card or the cell phone App in order to earn or redeem Cashback Rewards.
I lost my card, can I register for another one?
⚬ Yes, you can get another Rewards Card if yours is lost or stolen. Please ask the store staff to issue you with a new card and to have the Cashback Rewards balance transferred from your lost card. You will need to provide the store staff with your Name, date of birth and cellphone number, in order for them to have our head office transfer your Cashback Rewards and cancel your lost card.
Do I earn cashback on every product?
⚬ You do not earn cashback on products that are already on promotion. Otherwise you earn cashback on every other product that you pay full price for in our stores.
When can I redeem the cashback that I have accumulated?
⚬ You can redeem the cashback you have accumulated at any time that suits you best. As long as you have accumulated cashback on your S & M card, then you can spend it with us. Please note that you will not be able to redeem when our system is offline, this happens very rarley and we apologize for the inconvenience caused in these situations.
How do I check my cashback balance?
⚬ You can check online, on the App, you can ask the cashier or check the balance printed on your till slip. Note that Cashback balances printed on the till-slip will not reflect Cashback Rewards earned on the current purchase.
What fees are involved in registering for the Store & More Card?
⚬ There are no fees to register for the Rewards Card. You are however charged a nominal fee for receiving monthly account balance notifications via SMS, with an opt-out option available if you no longer wish to receive these SMS’s. All other marketing communication – emails and SMS’s are not charged to cardholders.
Can I earn cashback on click and collect sales?
⚬ Yes, you will just need to enter your Rewards Card number as part of the checkout process.